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We support these wonderful missionaries/ministries; please keep them in your prayers.

A.G. World Missions

♦Africa’s Hope ♦Katie B. ♦Terry B. ♦Jacob B.

♦Jason B. ♦Jonathan B. ♦Richard F. ♦Terry H. ♦Johnny P. ♦Rick P. ♦Sharon R. ♦Chris R. ♦Paul S. ♦Douglas S. ♦Dustin S. ♦Michelle T. ♦Jennifer W. ♦Daniel W.

A.G. U.S. Missions

♦AP Media Ministries ♦BGMC Offering ♦Paul C.

♦Clinton C. ♦Flynn C. ♦CMM ♦Caleb & Onieda C. 

♦Ray G. ♦Galen H. ♦Brian H. ♦Sharon J. ♦Austin J.

♦Norman K. ♦Crystal M. ♦Dwight M. ♦Joseph N.

♦OCJ Kids ♦Ryan R. ♦Roman S. ♦Nadine W. ♦Randy W.

Thank you for your donations and your prayers!